Fireworks Pizza

Talk about probably one of the most perfect places to grab a casual dinner for a first date or drinks and appetizers with friends, Fireworks Pizza in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington is one of my all-time favorites.

First off, Fireworks  uses a lot of healthy and all-natural ingredients, like their organic tomato sauce and nitrate-free sausage. Secondly, the place has one of the best selections of beer in the Arlington area (includes ambers, belgians, pilsners, rye beer, ipa’s and many many more) and pretty creative cocktails.

I’m a huge fan of appetizers- the lamb meatballs stuffed with goat cheese and topped with marinara are superb. I also recommend the rissoto fritters (really interesting texture, and you can’t go wrong with the bacon and bleu cheese combo in my opinion) and the spanish chorizo flavored mussels (slightly spicy, and packed with flavor).

Since Fireworks is of course known for its wood-fired, signature pizzas, we selected three to test– the French Connection, Guadalajara, and The Fire Works.  My favorite was the French Connection, but honestly all of the pizzas really stayed true to their names and flavor descriptions. The French Connection came with white sauce, apples, brie, chicken, tomatoes, prosciutto, with a dijon mustard drizzled over it. Absolutely amazing.

The Guadalajara tasted like an awesome taco salad on top of pizza crust– watch out, they do not joke around with the jalapeños!  The Fire Works pizza  I thought lived up to its name and really reflected the best things about the restaurant: natural ingredients and bold flavors.

Probably the best thing about this pizza: it’s definitely filling, but you don’t feel like you need to walk your meal off afterwards. Just the right amount of heartiness!

Recommended for: Casual dining, first date, drinks with friends.

Pros: Delicious food, natural ingredients, great service, great beer selection for Arlington, fun atmosphere

Cons: Small (don’t take reservations only call-ahead), and generally pretty crowded even during the week.