Power Foods Cookbook

This past weekend I picked up a copy of the Power Foods cookbook from the editors of Whole Living magazine. The book contains an overview of what food consists of “power food”, as well as 150 recipes comprised of these power foods.

I am going to be honest- I picked up the book because I have been a bit behind in adhering to my New Year’s resolution to focus on health and wellness. I’ve mentioned before on this blog- I’m not the healthiest of eaters and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to endure a gluten-free diet or anything else in the extreme realm of denying your body foods that taste amazing.  It’s just never going to happen.

I do realize though that you should “eat to live” as many nutritionists and health experts say, and that I should be more careful about what is going into my body. I am pretty active- I just completed the Marine Corps Marathon this past fall- and eating is a vital to making sure your body has enough fuel- and the appropriate fuel- to maintain a high level of energy for workouts.

So I decided to settle on a cookbook that highlighted the best foods for energy and well-being. I had a little knowledge of what consisted of power foods, but among my favorites are avocados, broccoli, and asparagus, wild alaskan salmon, almonds, brown rice– I actually was totally surprised at how many power foods I actually love (I definitely partially subscribe to the stereotype that if its healthy for you its not as good….).

I’m excited to cook some of the recipes from this book and can’t wait to share!