Boulevard Woodgrill Brunch

The Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington is one of my favorite places to eat in the metro area– mostly because of the amazing value of its well-priced menu. I’ve dined there for lunch and dinner, but brunch takes the cake in my opinion.

First off, this place makes some of the most delicious bloody mary’s I’ve tasted– adorned with a jumbo shrimp smothered in old bay. Guaranteed to cure any hangover you’re struggling with from the night before.

The brunch menu has enough variety to get anyone excited– even if you’re not a breakfast person. Beginning with their all-day starters, the blue crab and artichoke dip is ideal for anyone looking to just dive right in to a rich meal of excess. The sesame garlic hummus has great flavor for those looking to go a little lighter, and the panko shrimp comes with an excellent asian sauce and mustard– the shrimp are pretty large and taste very fresh.

Moving on to the breakfast selection, if you like eggs Benedict they prepare it three ways- with smoked salmon, stuffed with angus, and with spinach.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

The Boulevard Breakfast is ideal for those who just enjoy the regular breakfast amenities- the restaurant’s homefries are crispy with great texture, and very well-flavored (I personally don’t think you need to even salt them). The Greek Vegetable Fritatta (pictured below) is an open-faced omelet with fresh veggies and feta- perfect for those who really enjoy this cheese, like me. They do place the homefries on top of the fritatta which I personally would have opted to have them on the side, but it was still delicious.

Greek Vegetable Fritatta

The restaurant also features a variety of sandwiches- their crab cakes are delicious!- and also a separate menu with specials. One of my favorites that’s frequently featured on the specials menu is the Ahi-Tuna burger with wasabi mayonnaise. It is fantastic and the tuna is usually fresh and nicely cooked- I believe the sandwich is around $10 and comes with their herb-flavored fries. The prices here are so great for the area and what you are getting in food quality!

There are also a couple of side items that should not be overlooked. The four-cheese macaroni is out of this world, and my one friend raves about their yogurt parfait for those into healthier breakfast selections.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Recommended for: Brunch!, First Dates, Mid to inexpensive nights out, group dinners (they always have no problem dividing up our check which makes life so much easier!)

Pros: Great prices and value, good service, menu variety, healthy options, fresh and well-prepared seafood

Cons: Ambiance is so-so, can be pretty crowded since it has a good reputation in the area