Friday Food Faves: Fast Fish Tacos from Williams Sonoma

This is an easy recipe that I absolutely love. I am a huge fan of Mexican food and fish tacos happen to be my boyfriend’s favorite dish. Thank goodness too, because they are such an easy and quick dish to make!

I found  the recipe here on the Williams Sonoma website. I really enjoyed the seasoning of the lime, cumin and oregano. They call for sour cream and fresh salsa and cabbage- I added some avocado to the dish too and tomato for extra flavoring. I bought the tilapia fresh from Whole Foods which I also think really contributed to how the dish turned out- they always have such quality, fresh selection– and I only had to buy two fillets since they were so large (made about 5 tacos)!

The corn tortillas and cabbage are an essential part of any great fish taco recipe in my opinion and the topping combination of the cilantro and sour cream really seals the deal. All in all the dish probably took me 20 minutes (cabbage and cilantro shopping) to prepare and cook. A dream for anyone who likes to be efficient as possible in the kitchen!

Definitely try this one out if you get a chance- there are definitely a lot of additions and tweaks you can make to this recipe while still keeping it easy and uncomplicated. Perfect dish for a busy weeknight and even better- it’s actually very good for you!

Happy Friday!