Friday Food Faves: Mac & Cheese

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the weekend already! Today is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous in DC- it’s cloudy right now, but it’s going to clear up and reach a high of 70- not too bad for February, eh?

First off quick re-cap of the past week:

1. Angelo had to pack his knives on Top Chef. W.T.F. I understand that they’re supposed to be judged on the food they prepare for that challenge, and Angelo’s potato soup was pretty awful apparently (“they couldn’t get past the salt”), but it just seems so grossly unfair that he has to leave before some of the other chefs. In terms of training and his understanding of flavors, Angelo is definitely one of the best chefs. I mean, I’m not saying the guy isn’t a little quirky and weird (what were with those socks btw??), but I do think he deserved to stay a little longer.

2. New restaurants!

  • Medium Rare: steakhouse in Cleveland Park opened by Mark Bucher of BGR: The Burger Joint.  I think opening will be in a week or so (everything I’ve found says February but no news about it being officially opened).
  • For all you U.K. fans, a new pub called The Queen Vic is opening on H street in the Atlas District.  All your favorite British beverages and food faves will be able to be found here on March 1.
  • Burapa Tai in Clarendon, Arlington: New Thai place with sushi and word on the street is they have a sick happy hour deal.
  • Mad Rose Tavern in Clarendon, Arlington: Huge beer and scotch (over 40) selections for all you drinkers, and their menu features “hearty” dishes like Wild Boar Chili, Pigs in a Blanket made with Stachowski Brand Charcuterie Brats, puff pastry, mustard and sauerkraut with “more to come”.

3.   For weekend activities, Have you ever done a Food Tour? Me either, but there ones offered in Georgetown, Capital Hill, and Old Town.  Some upcoming foodie events in DC include restaurant dishes inspired by the annual Cherry Blossom Festival from March 26-April 11, the National Harbor Food and Wine Festival in May, Taste of Arlington in May, and the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival June 5-6.  Excited for summer!

Now for my Friday Food Fave:  good ‘ole Macaroni and Cheese. My ultimate comfort food!  I think everyone’s first love affair begins with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, at least mine did. My mom would cook it for me, my brother and sister whenever she was looking for something easy to prepare during the week. I remember she would always top it off with some ground pepper- really good if you’ve never tried it.

Obviously, mac and cheese from scratch is the absolute best, especially ones that feature finer cheeses like Gruyère. One of the best things I love about this “simple” dish is the variety of ways you can prepare it; different pasta, cheeses, and toppings can all turn quite different versions of mac and cheese. Recently, I’ve really been enjoying the addition of  truffle oil/butter to my mac and cheese- in my opinion it really changes the dish for the better!

Here is a recipe from the Food Network and Rachel Ray for White Truffle Mac and Cheese. It’s absolutely to die for! Enjoy!