Washingtonian- Food Truck Fight


Washingtonian, one of my favorite publications for food and dining in DC, is now featuring a “Food Truck Fight” section on their website.  Basically, it has readers fill out NCAA-style brackets in the spirit of “March Madness” to decide what food truck in DC will ultimately surface as the best.  Each day features a different “face-off” between Food Trucks and readers decide who advances to each round.

Food Trucks have become increasingly popular in the DC area and some feature the best lunch food around town.  The 32 trucks competing are among the most popular of the food trucks, including District Taco which has come highly recommended by quite a few of my friends.  Not surprisingly, ranked number one is the Red Hook Lobster truck, well-known for its delicious lobster rolls.

I think this is a brilliant idea from the editors at Washingtonian and I will be interested to see how many participants it attracts. Check the site daily for updates on the fights and see which food trucks make it to the top!