Farmers and Fishers- Georgetown


I mentioned last week that I would have a write-up on Farmers and Fishers which is located on the Georgetown waterfront (sister restaurant to Founding Farmers).

I last dined at this restaurant almost two years ago in late May when it first opened, and I fell in love with the restaurant’s fresh ingredients from local and regional farms (in support of sustainable agriculture), and the restaurant’s pleasant and relaxing ambiance (eating outdoors by the waterfront is one of my favorite things).  I was curious to see if my second impression would be as favorable, and if their winter menu would be as appealing as their spring one.

After my second time dining, I would definitely say Farmers and Fishers has some of the best (and inventive) specialty cocktails in the DC area. Full of variety and interesting ingredients, I was very impressed with the drinks I ordered each time. In the spring, I tasted a Pomegranate Martini (tasted like real fruit!), and this past time I opted for the Margarita Reinvented. I recommend splurging on a drink when you dine here- these really should not be overlooked.

This past time, my party ordered an appetizer of guacamole for the table. There were five diners total; however, the guacamole would have maybe fed two of us. Though it was absolutely delicious and made table-side, the server only used one avocado!

The bread and butter Farmers and Fishers serves is another highlight of the restaurant.  The natural ingredients they use make many “typical” dishes stand out from those found at other restaurants– the freshness is palpable.

For our main courses we all tried a variety of pastas. When I dined in the late spring I had one of the meat entrées- the spring chicken with a side of rosemary potatoes and I STILL to this day think about that chicken– succulent, cooked to perfection– and the potatoes meshed spectacularly with the dish.   It truly was fabulous.  I opted not to go the meat and fish entrée route this time, and I think that was a mistake.  I ordered a pasta- the Clams, Garlic, Bacon and Linguine as it is referred to on the menu.  Unfortunately, the clams were a little sub-par and the bacon was more of a Canadian bacon than the crispy “smoked” version I had expected. The menu describes the sauce as a light “butter, lemon and garlic,” yet fails to mention the red pepper flakes which populate the dish. Thankfully, I enjoy spicy foods, but I think in this case it killed the flavor of the dish, and by the end all I could taste was the spice.

The other diners in my party all enjoyed their meals for the most part– my one friend said their mussels were some of the best she’s had in the area. In terms of service, our waiter was very honest in his recommendations and helpful, but seemed to have too many tables to tend to that night (we dined on a Thursday night)– we were often left waiting for drinks or to place our orders.

I would still recommend this restaurant as the overall quality is pretty high due to the fresh ingredients. I think in the spring and summer with their inventive cocktails and the beauty of the waterfront, Farmers and Fishers is hard to be beat for a happy hour or casual date night.

Recommended for: Dates, group dinners, drinks and appetizers, happy hours

Pros: Waterfront atmosphere, fresh ingredients from local and regional farms, amazing cocktails

Cons: Service was so-so second time I dined here, dishes can be hit or miss if you stray from the meat and fish courses it seems, parking is always abysmal in this area,