Friday Food Faves – Chicken Tenders

Ah, the understated chicken tender.

This used to be my favorite meal when I was younger- chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce, of course– I know some prefer ketchup or barbecue, but there is no denying that honey mustard is the ultimate condiment when it comes to chicken tenders.

For this Friday Food Fave, I polled a bunch of friends to see what their opinions were on the best place for chicken tenders around DC.

For those of you who prefer the crispier tender, Whitlows is the place to be.

DC-wise, Taylor’s Place Gourmet has amaaazing chicken cutlets with their sammys (seriously is the best sandwich shop in DC), and I love the ones at District Chophouse, Capitol City Brewing Company and the Pour House.

Of course there are always fast food options– Burger King and McDonald’s both feature chicken strips options and Chic Filet has some tasty chicken bites (not truly chicken tenders though).

The ultimate prize in this category though, goes to the Great American Restaurant chains.  I swear whoever created the recipe for these tenders must have done so in a moment of divine inspiration.  They are unbelievable and feature the  juiciest tenderloins of chicken EVER with a light, airy fried casing packed with flavor. I’ve been obsessed with these since grade school and I received about four responses from my friends all claiming these were their favorites- I am not alone in my obsession!

Happy Friday everyone!  Here’s a Top Chef mini re-cap and news from this week also:

This week’s Top Chef was surprisingly emotional with the chefs reunited with family members and cooking dishes indicative of their heritage.  I was surprised no one was eliminated, but also excited that we get to see some more amazing dishes from everyone. Next week they are headed to the Bahamas and the previews indicate that its going to be a pretty brutal competition.

R.J. Cooper (formerly of Vidalia) and his new restaurant Rogue 24 (will be set in a back alley and feature a tasting menu similar to his 24 menu from Vidalia) won over pastry chef Chris Ford from Trummer’s. Rogue 24 is set to open in mid-late spring in Blagden Alley in between  M and N streets NW.