Landsdowne Resort: Success in Catered Events

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a company event at the Landsdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA.   Everyone knows that catered food can be extremely tricky, especially when the event is for 400 plus attendees like this one!

I have to hand it to the Landsdowne staff and chefs. Not only were they very gracious in their service, but they also prepared some of the most excellent food stations, buffets, and plated meals for large parties that I’ve ever seen or tasted! I have both attended and planned several catered events before, and usually quality suffers due to the quantity of food required.  At Landsdowne, the food was tasty, cooked well and had great variety.

Friday night they prepared a variety of food stations for our Sports Night themed event. One included cheese, vegetables and a variety of dips and also finger foods like chicken satay. Other stations had a variety of sliders with pork, beef, and for vegetarians a mushroom stuffed slider with delectable spreads. My favorite was the “Cuban” slider that was modeled after the Cuban sandwich with pickles, swiss and a delicious mustard-y sauce. There was also a taco station where you could build your own nachos with this delicious beef chili, and also your own tacos with a full roasted pig (kind of gross but was so tender and juicy!) with guacamole, salsa, cheese, and sour cream.

We were served a traditional continental breakfast the next morning and the fruit was extremely fresh. The bagels were a bit stale unfortunately, but the muffins and croissants and other pastries were delicious.

Lunch included a chicken pesto sandwich and side salad. I did not enjoy the dressing paired with the salad (it was a bit acidic for my taste even after thorough mixing), but the pesto chicken sandwich was fantastic- people at my table even requested second servings. They also had a vegetarian option with roasted red peppers and pesto which also received rave reviews from the herbivores at our table.

The Saturday night meal for our awards gala was definitely the star of the weekend, however–New York strip steak with garlic sauteed shrimp, asparagus and yukon gold mashed potatoes. The steak was cooked to perfection- something that I am sure is near impossible to do with 400 plus plates.  The only complaint I had is we were not served steak knives at the meal and I almost lost my hand in attempting to eat my steak- it was so good I stuck with it though! Dessert was a white chocolate cheesecake dome with raspberry glaze, and, this was the coolest part, they had our company’s logo imprinted onto a piece of white chocolate as a garnish!

All in all, I could not say enough great things about the food and high quality service at the Landsdowne Resort. The accommodations were fairly nice too; I am not a fan of “dark” color schemes in hotels, but they were clean, comfortable and fairly roomy, and the bathrooms have also been recently remodeled. I had an excellent stay this past weekend and I really recommend this venue for any event, especially because of the attentiveness and helpfulness of the Landsdowne event staff.