Friday Food Faves: Irish Stew


This post is dedicated to Irish Stew in view of the St. Patrick’s day holiday I celebrated yesterday.  My friends and I decided to celebrate at Ireland’s Four Courts in Arlington. It is such a fun bar- definitely usually a more “chill” scene, but they throw quite the party on St. Patty’s Day, let me tell you.  My favorite part of the bar is they actually have real Irish working there!  On St. Patrick’s Day, they set up a tent outside with a live guitarist (the one inside is usually better and performs all Irish music) and they have cash bars set up all over the restaurant with kegs of Guinness and Miller Lite bottles.

And last night, I discovered their wondrous Irish Stew. Granted, I was a few drinks in, but I swear this stew was amazing. It had clearly been cooked all day because the flavors were so rich and developed and the meat practically melted in your mouth- no joke.  It was so good my friend and I were feeding spoonfuls of it to our friends to convince them to buy some. Four Courts was also serving a pretty decent bratwurst for $6.

I found this recipe online for Irish stew made with Guinness and lamb and I will definitely be trying this baby out in the near future. Let me know how it is for those of you who decide to prepare it before I do!

Hope you all had a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day and aren’t too hungover at work today.  This weekend I should have a couple of good write-ups- I’m trying at least two new restaurants so I should have some good stuff next week!