Il Radicchio Restaurant

For those of you looking for decent Italian cuisine on a budget, Il Radicchio is the place for you. As some patrons have said in reviews, the restaurant may appear to be “sketchy” from the outside, but you’ll find the inside quaint and clean with an intimate setting that’s perfect for groups who enjoy talking to one another during meals or date nights. It is located on Clarendon Boulevard in between the Courthouse and Rosslyn neighborhoods.

In terms of quality, this is not the best Italian you will ever eat, but it features some good dishes at affordable prices. The most popular item on the menu, is the bottomless pasta for $6.50. What is better than all-you-can-eat pasta? You can then choose your own sauce to go with the pasta for $3-4 each.  The sauces are pretty well-developed with some great flavors. They also have wood-fired pizzas that are quite delicious for $8-17 each depending on the size and selection.

Service-wise, the restaurant could be better. And that is one of the reasons I wouldn’t recommend this as a first date restaurant if you are worried about trying to impress a lady or man who might have more refined taste. Other reasons include the fact that it does look semi-sketchy from the outside, not all the dishes are winners (some of the main entrées are hit or miss), the bread is pretty bad and the wine isn’t that great.

All in all though, I think the restaurant does a pretty good job of generally providing its patrons with tasty Italian dishes (ginormous dishes I might add) for its low prices.

Pros: Intimate atmosphere, low prices, parking lot, all your Italian favorites, unique offerings (all you can eat pasta)

Cons: Bread (white and semi stale- you won’t be impressed), wine (so-so), they serve canned soda instead of fountain soda, main dishes are hit or miss, mediocre service

Recommended for: Cheap nights out, date nights, large groups, pasta lovers, unrefined palettes