Friday Food Faves: Chinese Food

Happy Friday peoples!! So excited to talk about today’s Friday Food Fave. Sometimes Chinese food just hits the spot; generally it’s when you’re in need of very high calorie and high sodium food (aka hungover). It is just so delicious and for those of you who claim you don’t like it, I guarantee you it’s because you haven’t had good Chinese food then.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of options for Chinese food in my current neighborhood of Arlington. Growing up, I was beyond spoiled because I had access to one of the absolute best Chinese restaurants in the area- House of Dynasty off Telegraph Road in Alexandria. People RAVE about this place. It is packed on Christmas and New Year’s- which, as one of my friends said, “is a sign of a good Chinese restaurant.”  They have some of the best lo mein, wontons, and chicken and cashew entrées I have ever eaten.  If you decide to dine-in, the service is impeccable and they even have these cute little sorbets to cleanse your palette between courses. We have convinced family members and friends who don’t like Chinese to try this place and they all end up loving it. It’s simply the best.

Now that I live in Arlington though I am still in search of a good restaurant that’s comparable and haven’t had any luck. I do have several recommendations from friends for the DC area though. Obviously, Chinatown has a ton of options. The Washingtonian Dining Guide for that area has some really great suggestions on where to go- I’ve only been to Full Kee so far and their dumpling soup was all the reviews promised it would be.

I also had friends recommend City Lights in Dupont, Banana Leaves (all Asian and sushi bar) and TenPenh (Asian and Pacific).

Please let me know if you have any other recommendations, especially for the Arlington area…I’m still searching!

Have a fantastic weekend!