O’Sullivan’s in Arlington- Sunday Brunch

This past weekend, after the Cherry Blossom 5K downtown, a bunch of my friends and I attempted to meet up for brunch in Clarendon at noon….without reservations. So of course we couldn’t find anywhere that had under a 90 minute wait. After trying all of the well-known brunch-serving restaurants, we decided to venture off the beaten breakfast path in Clarendon, and enter O’Sullivan’s, a small Irish pub located on Wilson Boulevard just past Liberty Tavern. I’ve always been fond of this place because my uncle actually owns O’Sullivan’s Wharf restaurant in Norfolk, VA so the name always reminds me of it (I will definitely be doing an extensive write-up on this place in the future- it is such a great bar and I’m not just saying that because I’m related to the owner!).

The place is small and only one server was working the entire restaurant, but we weren’t in a rush and some of our party had actually run the 10-mile portion of the Cherry Blossom race, and were craving a Guinness. So we happily waited the extra time it took for the server to take our orders. The menu doesn’t have too many options- only about five or six- but enough of them sounded absolutely delicious that we decided to stay. They had Egg’s Benedict options (Chesapeake, regular, etc.) and also a southern breakfast option which I ordered with two biscuits smothered in gravy, sausage, two eggs, bacon, and home fries, pictured below.

The home fries are really well-seasoned, the perfect texture (the right amount of crispy), and were mixed with peppers. I loved the bacon also, but those who prefer crispy bacon would have been left wanting. My dish overall was pretty delicious– I’ve had better gravy, but it’s not like my sights were set very high for a corner Irish pub.

The server did mess up one of our orders, unfortunately but comped a lot of our drinks to make up for it which was nice.

Bottom line, this was a decent brunch option compared to a long wait time at some of the more popular restaurants in the Arlington area! I figured I would feature it in my blog as an FYI for those of you looking for other places to try, or if you’re ever in a bind and need brunch/hair of the dog minus the hour plus long wait.