Friday Food Faves: Oysters

I decided to do this Friday Food Faves post on Oysters due to my interesting experience at Sea Catch in Georgetown for happy hour last night.

We had heard through a friend of a friend that a small happy hour was being organized on their outdoor deck and wanted to enjoy the nice weather, but we ended up grabbing seats inside so we could sit down and eat our appetizers.

I ordered a dozen of the Chesapeake oysters right when we first got there around 6:45ish which are $1 each from 5-7pm. We had also glanced at the Sea Catch website and noticed that as a part of their “happy hour” they had a huge bar menu with delicious-sounding appetizers on sale for $9. When we inquired about the menu at the bar, they told us that “corporate” had forced them to stop serving the bar menu. We informed them that they should really change their website to avoid confusion and they said that it was in the process of being updated and that actually they had no direct access to their restaurant’s page. Talk about a bad communications process.

We decided that we would order a couple other appetizers from the regular menu as we got hungry later on. At about 7:15 I began to wonder why my oysters were taking so long….as I said to my friend, “I mean they are RAW…..?” I was told that the raw bartender was “really backed up”. A friend joined us about five minutes later and ordered a lump crab cake.  The crab cake and the oysters actually arrived at the same time……something is definitely wrong with their raw bar organization needless to say. The bartender did comp our drinks however which was pretty nice. We also ordered some shrimp and risotto croquettes and calamari and they arrived on time and were pretty delicious!

The oysters were of great quality too, but I was practically dying for them by the time they arrived so that might have affected my judgment.

Since I had arrived with a great group of friends we all had a fabulous time, but the crowd there was pretty stuffy for a happy hour. Lots of suits and elderly couples and Republicans hahaha. I definitely wouldn’t recommend to anyone looking for a rowdy night out; it’s more of a watering hole for lawyers, Hill workers, and the like.

Some of my favorite restaurants for oysters that I’ve had in DC the DC area are from the Fish Market in Old Town, Lyon Hall in Clarendon, and J. Paul’s in Georgetown.

I’ve heard good things about Hank’s Oyster Bar on Q street NW and Old Town, and McCormick&Schmick’s or Old Ebbit Grill. For superb seafood, the trip to Annapolis is usually worth it. McGarvey’s and Middleton’s both were recommended to me for their selection of oysters.

Happy Friday!