Easy Breakfast Casserole– Food Network

Back from vacation in the OBX followed by a long weekend at Dewey and Bethany beaches in Delaware (post to follow on spots to eat in these areas).

As part of the birthday present to the boyfriend this past weekend, I ended up making a tasty breakfast casserole that I had found on the Food Network website (courtesy of Donna Dinsmore). The internet has made finding recipes these days a piece of cake; but you do have to be careful about which ones you decide to make. The other great thing about recipes being on the internet is the ability for people to comment, discuss, rate and review recipes. I always make a point to peruse what people say about different recipes before I try them out.

People who had tried this breakfast casserole said that it definitely took a lot longer than 30 mins to bake- this was true it took about 45-50 mins in cook-time. I used the whole dozen eggs rather than ten as one reviewer had suggested, and I skipped the zucchini and added a yellow pepper into the mix instead. I also opted for bagged cheese (sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack mix) rather than cubed. I layered the sausage first with about 3/4 a bag of cheddar and then mixed in the egg, sour cream, peppers, onion and mushrooms into a large baking dish.

Breakfast Casserole Before

I also recommend chopping the vegetables and cooking and draining the sausage the night before you make the casserole. It really cuts down on the prep time. Keep an eye on the dish because every oven is different, but it did take closer to 45-50 minutes rather than the 30 the recipe suggested. Overall though, this dish was easy and yummy. Everyone that ate the casserole really seemed to enjoy it, and it’s a great dish to take to a brunch or to feed a big group of people! Happy eating!

Breakfast Casserole After