Vintage Virginia Wine Festival 2011

I spent this past weekend at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival which is held at Bull Run Park in Centreville, Virginia. I had heard great things about the festival, but I was a little worried that it was overly hyped-up and I was going to be let down. The weather turned out to be absolutely gorgeous (not as hot as in past years I was told) and everything went really smoothly with the PartyDC company that we used for transportation to and from the event. Quick sidebar- I will definitely be doing more events with them in the future- everything was well-organized; they provided us with tickets, transportation to and from, tents and before and after parties at Clarendon Grill; and they even answered questions I had prior to the event via email in a timely fashion. Thumbs up!

Most of the people on the buses were twenty-somethings like myself so needless to say things quickly got out of hand and the day became a little blurry toward the end. I was impressed with the several of the wineries there, especially Barboursville winery which sampled their 2006 Octagon, a Bourdeaux blend that actually was served to Prince William and Kate at their wedding reception. It runs at about $40 a bottle. Barboursville also stood out from some of the other wineries in the amount of wines they tasted (separate red and white tasting zones and about ten of each) and the level of detail the staff offered about each wine to the tasters.

Other wineries I really enjoyed included Delfosse, Cardinal Point– I had a friend with me who used to volunteer at the vineyard, and Philip Carter Winery had two whites that I thought were great.  I have to admit, I was not that impressed with Breaux, despite having heard pretty decent reviews of the winery in the past. It has been voted Virginia’s favorite winery for three consecutive years so I am going to assume they just didn’t sample their best selection– I’m not a wine connoisseur by any means, but even the more experienced wine drinkers were less than impressed.

So what about the food??? Most of the food there is done through fast food vendors (hot dogs, cord dogs, sausage and peppers that kind of thing), but there were also a ton of quaint little booths with specialty foods like nuts, jams, etc. My favorite was the Country Pride Cheese House which offered free samples of their spreadable cheeses on pretzels. I ended up purchasing the Garlic with Herb spread and my friends picked up some of the Swiss and Almond. Both were delicious and paired perfectly with the wine!

I definitely recommend this event for anyone looking to have a fun and eventful Saturday- perhaps not the best event for true wine experts, but great for those looking to have a good time!