Upcoming Food Events June 17-18

Long time, no blog! School has picked up again, work is insane, I spent the last weekend in Miami, and I currently am without internet/phone service in my apartment, but I will try and be better this week!

I thought I would blog today about some upcoming food events in the DC area that look like they will be entertaining and fun!

Speaking of food events, for my Elements of Communication Planning class that I am taking, I will be preparing a “faux” communication plan for an event and campaign involving the non-profit Share Our Strength and the Food Network so I am sure I will have some very interesting revelations to share with you all as I delve deeper into the research for this assignment. If you haven’t figured it out already, I work in communications/public relations and I am attending Georgetown part-time for my Masters in in this field. I one day hope to apply my communications skills to the food/restaurant industry, so I can enjoy the best of both worlds and live my true passion!

  • Beer Bourbon and BBQ Festival at National Harbor- Haven’t attended this yet, but many of my friends say this is an absolute blast. Tickets are sold out for Saturday, but still available for the Friday night Whole Hog Session.
I still have an update to do on DelMarVa beach eating options and I have some of my dining experiences in Miami to share so look out!