Port City Brewing Company

Happy Friday everybody! Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a surprise birthday party at the new Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria (off Duke Street, outside of Old Town). Nothing to do with food, but hey, beer and wine are important parts of any dining experience, right?

When we first pulled up to the brewery, I was convinced we were at the wrong place- it was tucked away behind a more residential area. Fortunately, google maps did not fail me and we were at the right place! The staff is all super laid back and friendly.

Our group received a brewery tour and the guy was great at explaining the entire process of brewing the beer- a lot more complicated than just letting it “ferment” haha. He took us to all the different rooms, even the fridge where the kegs are kept.

Then we received samples until about 7pm of all their beer on tap. My favorite was the Optimal Wit- a summer-style Belgian.  They also had a porter, monumental IPA, and essential pale ale. They are sold all over the DC-metro area- in restaurants (Clydes, Veritas wine bar, Brasserie Beck, Arlington Rooftop, Michel, and a ton more) and retail stores (Whole Foods, Giant, etc). Definitely pick up a six pack and give it a whirl and head out to the brewery if you have some time!