3 Bar and Grill

I’ve dined at 3 Restaurant Bar and Grill in Clarendon several times. The first time, I was completely impressed with my meal– I ordered the roasted pork loin wrapped in bacon with beer bacon braised brussel sprouts and shallots. It was wonderfully prepared and 3 is actually known for their bacon which you can now purchase and take home with you at $12 a pound.

The next couple of times I’ve been back to 3 were for happy hours- which I would definitely recommend to anyone. They have great deals on their wines, really good cocktails, and the hors d’oeuvres are amazing- I love the tuna lollipops, bacon on a stick, bleu cheese chips, and scallops and grits. Actually, I love pretty much any of them! The BEST part about their happy hour is it lasts until 9pm so those of you who work on the later end should definitely try it out. Every Thursday they have “bacon fest” at the bar too- featuring appetizers showing off their celebrity bacon.

I was surprised, therefore, that most people consider the restaurant outside of the happy hour deals to be overrated and too pricey. After last night, I understand why people have that impression. It definitely is a place where you have to know what to order and I still would mainly recommend it for a happy hour with girl friends.

To start we ordered the grilled brie wheel with pomegranate gastrique and fruit. I actually really enjoyed the grilled flavor of the brie (although it could have been left on there a little bit longer). If you enjoy that charcoal-y taste though, you will love this.

Grilled brie with pomegranate gastrique

Since I’ve mostly eaten meet at 3 I opted for the fish special of grilled wahoo with red and yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and an amazing puree made from green onions with a hint of garlic.

Grilled Wahoo with vegetables

Looked amazing. Tasted…okay. I loved the puree, but the fish was overcooked and therefore excruciatingly dry. Those who know me, know I hardly ever not finish my meal, and this was, unfortunately, one of those occasions. Other than the puree, the dish just lacked something overall. I felt healthy, but that was not really what I was going for on my night out haha.

My boyfriend opted for the pan seared monk fish with roasted artichoke, shallot, and sun-dried tomato risotto. The risotto was definitely the star of his meal– the fish slightly overcooked.

Pan-seared monk fish with artichoke, shallot and sun-dried tomato risotto

I think our mistake was not going with one of the meat or bacon-filled dishes which is quite honestly what they’re known for. I would still dine here again, but I definitely would recommend 3 for happy hour and appetizers over anything else especially if you are averse to bacon. I do hear they have an amazing brunch with their infamous bacon bloody mary (featured on the Travel Channel).

I wouldn’t avoid 3, but be careful what you order!

Recommended for: Happy hours, Thursday bacon fest, brunch, drinks and appetizers, bacon-lovers

Pros: Great happy hour specials lasting until 9pm, good service, young atmosphere, BACON!

Cons: Hit or miss dishes, over-priced in terms of some of the quality of the dishes, parking