Food Truck Frenzy

What’s all the buzz about the food truck mania in DC?? I had a reader send me an email today asking if I had eaten at any of the food trucks in DC. Since I work in Fairfax, I really have only been to two- sad, I know. One of them was District Taco— after months of being told how amazing it is, I finally had to see for myself. A friend of mine even sent me these pictures to lure me to try it:

District Taco- Nachos with Barbacoa

District Taco - Carnitas Taco with Rice and Sour Cream

I mean, how can you stay away from that??? And as many of you know, District Taco drives around the Arlington area which makes it oh-so convenient.

I decided to do a search this morning to see if I could find more information on the food truck phenomenon. There must be something in the water because all the big publications have decided this is big news recently.

The Washington Post  in its Capital Business section did a feature on the new trend. The article discussed the recent fad and its evolution. Food trucks now include dessert trucks, all kinds of ethnic food, and are even moving out to the suburbs (whoo!). The Food Network is running its second season of The Great Food Truck Race– I was a little disappointed to see that Washington, DC is not represented in neither the trucks competing, nor the cities the trucks are visiting. The Washington City Paper, following the Post’s lead investigated the growth of the food truck industry further. According to the article, some of the food truck trackers track as many as 67 trucks today (up from 29 last August). Also indicative of the growth are the profits of food trucks– successful food trucks, like Pi Pizzeria net about $1,000 a day.

It will be interesting to see if this is a lasting phenomenon for lunchtime in DC and whether or not this trend really does carry into the suburbs. What are your favorite food trucks?