Restaurants in Bethany/Dewey/Rehoboth Beach Towns

I promised awhile ago that I would do a post on dining in these beach towns, so here goes.

I’ve been spending mini beach vacations in Bethany/Dewey/Ocean City for the past decade or so (Outerbanks is where I usually go with my fam). I began going with some of my high school friends who had homes there or went with their families to DelMarVa beaches, as they are called, and the trend continued into college. They are some of the most fun beaches to spend a week or weekend at, especially if you live in the DC area (they’re only three hours away!). And, lucky for me, they have some pretty decent dining options.

Mahi Mahi with fresh steamed broccoli and lobster sauce and mac and cheese

Bethany: Family Central

Definitely the place to go if you’re vacationing with your family, although it does get awfully crowded during the season.

Mango Mikes: Family-friendly atmosphere with pretty decent food options- this place is a tad overpriced though in my opinion, but that’s what you get at the beach I suppose. It also becomes crazily crowded in-season so make sure you make a reservation or call-ahead.

Cottage Cafe: Great food- definitely order the crab cakes here, they don’t skimp on the crab. A little less crowded than Mike’s and friendly service. They also have coupons on their website!

Mickey’s: Great crab house and a staple of Bethany’s beach. Runs a little pricey, but the crabs are usually great- I don’t know if I would do their jumbo-sized crabs- there doesn’t seem to be that great of a difference between the large (or even the large and the medium).

McCabe’s: My friend’s beach house is located down the street from this gourmet shop where you can find some fantastic spreads, meats, and other delicacies. We go for the sandwiches however, specifically the chicken salad sandwiches (made with grapes and nuts and huge chicken chunks). Their bread is really fresh too (you get a choice of a croissant, sour dough, baguette, or seven grain) and all of their add-ons are fresh and delicious! They offer prosciutto, black forest ham, genoa salami, french brie, pate, just to name a few. Service has not always been “friendly” in the past, but they are generally quick and overall it’s worth it.

And while I haven’t eaten at these places yet (I tend to stay in Dewey or Rehoboth when I go with my friends these days)- I hear Blue Coast, Blue Crab and the new Off the Hook (specializes in fresh, locally-grown cuisine) are great places to try as well.

Dewey: Where the Bars Are

Head here if you’re ready to party. Go to Rusty Rudder for live bands and DJs, Lighthouse (try a grapefruit crush), Bottle & Cork for their jam session starting at 5pm, North Beach for a beautiful waterfront setting to drink by and Starboard for a scrumptious brunch and a delectable bloody mary bar.

Que Pasa: Despite being smack in the middle of a bar town, Que Pasa has some of the best Mexican cuisine I’ve eaten. Really well-flavored meat (chicken, steak, carne asada) and fish- their tacos are a must-try. Don’t miss out on the margaritas either and if possible, snag a seat outside because they have a great sunset view and chairs to lounge on right by the water.

Sharky’s: The best breakfast in Dewey. This seemingly run-down shack on the side of the road turns out some of the best breakfast sandwiches you will ever taste. They also have great lunches with Cuban sandwiches. It’s been around for years and you can spot Sharky every morning walking around the porch, offering people free re-fills on their giant fountain sodas. Perfect for a beach hangover.

Venus: Probably one of the nicest places in the “fine dining” realm that  you are going to find in the Dewey “dump”, but depending on what you order here, it’s a little overpriced. They have absolutely gorgeous sunset views though, although being located right next to North Beach if you turn your head to the right you will see scenes similar to MTV’s Spring Break.

Rehoboth: A Removed Oasis

I’ve stayed in Rehoboth a handful of times now and every time I stay here, I like it more and more. It has a bit of an odd dynamic- it feels like you’re in the woods at times instead of the beach- pine trees are all around especially in the Henlopen area. It’s about a mile and a half or two miles north of Dewey so a bit removed from some of the crazier bars, and there’s a really cute boardwalk and beach town. It’s also very popular among the LGBT community and has a lot of gay-owned businesses and clubs that are tons of fun.

Pig + Fish: Fantastic! I have nothing negative to say about this place, but it does get crowded so make a reservation or show up early! Their slogan “Eat like a pig, drink like a fish” fits perfectly with the beach atmosphere, don’t you think?

FINS: Fish House and Raw Bar: I just dined here for the first time last weekend and I really enjoyed this place. It has a low-key atmosphere that’s a mix of families and young people. Their cocktails were inventive and potent- I opted for a pickle-tini which is just pure genius if you love pickles as much as I do! We also tried their oyster shooters (delicious) and oyster samplers. These were some of the best oysters I’ve ever had- oysters asiago with asiago cheese, fennel and spinach and oysters casino with bacon, peppers, herbs, spices and cheese. Yum, right?

I ordered the Mahi Mahi (pictured above) with steamed broccoli and mac and cheese and lobster sauce. The mac and cheese came recommended to me by the waiter (it was so yummy!). My friends enjoyed the lobster roll and the fish tacos:

Lobster Roll

Fish Tacos

Claws: Cool atmosphere, but I wouldn’t suggest you order crabs here. Some of them were water-logged and they’re not the biggest. They had great appetizers though, friendly service, and their lobster special looked delicious!

There are a ton more to choose from- these are just the ones I’ve been. What’s your favorite that I’m missing?