Scandinavian Food in DC

Random, random post, I know. BUT- I just had to say goodbye to my childhood bestie who is moving to Norway to start a program at University of Oslo and to unite with her handsome Norwegian boyfriend, so I started getting curious about what Norwegian and/or Scandinavian influences can be found in DC.

Admittedly, I first had to do a search to find out what the heck Scandinavian food even consisted of. Thank you interwebs. There’s a lot of things from the sea, go figure. Fish, but also mussels, oysters, and even whale steak! (I’m pretty sure my friend ate this when she first visited over there). According to, traditional meat consists of deer, elk, bear, and in Sweden, even horse. Had to wrinkle my nose at that. Of course there’s the famous Swedish meatballs, smoked salmon is a popular delicacy, cod roe on crispbread, and additional searches turned up a lot of great breads with fruit and delicious desserts.

I know from my friend though there’s a lot of other European and even American influences in Norway’s cuisine- it can just be super expensive.

The results from Chowhound were pretty depressing- apparently, the IKEA cafeteria is the place to go for Swedish food in the DC area. Le Vieux Logis in Bethesda offers mainly French cuisine with touches of “Danish delights” according to their website.

A google search produced the Domku cafe (means little house) which boasts both Slavic and Scandinavian influences. Washingtonian’s review of the place a couple years ago stated, “A charming neighborhood place with good food and friendly service. ” Looks like I might have to drag the bestie there when she visits in December and have her teach me about some of the dishes (even though that’s probably the last thing she will want to eat when she comes back to America haha)!

Other than these places, it’s slim pickings when it comes to Scandinavian food in DC. On this side of the world, the ultimate Scandinavian restaurant can be found in New York (go figure). The famous Aquavit, has been serving Scandinavian cuisine since 1987 and has received numerous awards.  Looks like I might have to give it a try as well!

I will miss you bff- fly safe and come back and visit!