Restaurant Week: Prime Rib

Think: old people. This was my first impression of the restaurant when I walked in to meet the group of girls I was dining with that night. The dimly-lit, ornate dining room with a pianist and tuxedo-ed wait staff sets the tone for Prime Rib. And again, the clientele which I swear the average age is about 65 at 6-7pm. Originally founded in Baltimore, the website says the restaurant was designed to “evoke the elegant supper clubs of 1940’s Manhattan.” And does it ever!

Thankfully, our party of rowdy, twenty-something females was quickly ushered to a back corner of the restaurant where we could talk as loudly as we pleased. I think the servers got a kick out of us (we were probably the youngest and loudest group they’d served in awhile), but they treated us with the same attentive service as all the other tables.

About the food- this is a fantastic option for restaurant week and definitely worth the money if you’re into steak. They had bottles of wine priced at $24 (compared to Bibiana’s $30) and their restaurant week menu featured their prize dish- the prime rib! For starters you had the option of a Caesar or house salad (which was delicious), or a cup of their roasted tomato soup (bold flavor, thick broth). The bread was freshly-baked and I had a hard time saying no to a fourth piece!

For entrees, I opted to trade my roommate for half of her meal- so we shared the the prime rib, cooked medium rare of course (sorry to all you medium/medium-well eaters) and the crab imperial. Both were amazing! The prime rib was cooked to perfection and the crab imperial had big chunks of jumbo lump crab. Sides of horseradish and a tarter-like sauce complimented both dishes well. Sorry for the photo quality- working on getting a new phone with a better camera!

Prime Rib from Prime Rib restaurant in DC

The sides were the only thing they really skimped on (mashed potatoes and creamed spinach to share among the table), but one of the girls in our party asked about their potato skins, and they ended up bringing us a basket for free. Dessert was fantastic- the creme brulee (which I didn’t taste, but heard was great), and the key lime pie had that home-made taste — a delectable filling and soft, flavorful crust. They also brought us a chocolate tart as a surprise, on the house!

All in all, dinner that night was a great experience. Sure, we felt a little out of the place in “The Civilized Steakhouse” as Prime Rib refers to itself; but, the staff were attentive and friendly, and the food was amazing. The company also made things even better so I should add that as a contributing factor- I had a lot of fun with the girls in our group. A friend in our group even asked to play the piano for a bit and they let her! I definitely recommend this place as a restaurant week option or a romantic night out if you want to relish the fancy and intimate atmosphere (some would say stuffy…but I think our group proved that wrong!).

Thank you Prime Rib for a great night!