DC Food Events and Same Side of the Booth-Sitters

DC Food Events:
  • A Week in Oaxaca Sept 12-18th at Oyamel:  Special dishes and drinks in honor of Diana Kennedy’s talk at the National Archives with Jose Andres and Mexican Independence Day on September 15th.
  • Greek Festival September 16-18: Located at Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church;  baklava, mousaka and an assortment of other Greek fare.
  • Vintage Crystal: Sunday, September 18th from 2-6pm; Tickets costs $20, or $10 for a food only ticket, and can be purchased on the day of the event. Tickets include unlimited tastes and a wine glass. Latin-themed so look out for tequila and tapas!
  • Also, every Friday in September, Wine in the Water Park will take place in Crystal City: Join the Crystal City BID, the Washington Wine Academy, Jaleo, and DJ Adrian Loving for Wine in the Water Park every Friday in September. Enjoy great music, delicious tastes, and fantastic wines in the beautiful Crystal City Water Park.
  • Shout out to one of my favorite event blogs: http://dceventjunkie.com/. You have to check out her site- she has all the latest happenings in the area. She also had a huge announcement– the first-ever DC Wine Week organized by DCEventJunkie and Pivot Point Communications is taking place October 15-22nd.

Same Side of the Booth-Sitters

I can’t help but shake my head whenever I spot a couple sitting on the same side of the booth as one another with no one across from them. I’ve had this discussion with many friends of mine, and most of us don’t understand why this would be a logical choice for a couple. Other blogs agree with me. Sure you get to be “closer” to them, but aren’t you at a restaurant to eat and enjoy some conversation? Call me crazy, but I don’t think booths were designed for cuddling.

Are you a same-side-booth-sitter?? Flickr credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/waytru

I decided to ponder and research on our beloved interwebs why couples would choose to do this. Some answers I came up with:

  •  “So they can feed each other or share food more easily.”  I’m not even going to address the feeding each other food excuse– I believe it is an answer as to what type of people are sharing the same sides of the booth. However, in terms of the sharing food such as pasta or pizza excuse which I saw several times in discussion forums…could you not just ask for an extra plate and divide?? Also, Lady and the Tramp were DOGS people. Dogs. Animated dogs!! They ate their spaghetti with their mouths whereas humans have these things called forks and knives. I do not believe that you have to be sitting right next to one another to share this food.

  • This seating arrangement truly conveys how in love with one another we are so it cannot possibly be awkward and everyone is just jealous.” If you really believe this then I suppose this is an acceptable excuse for someone with a mind like yours. I will give you some credit. I, and everyone else that finds this same side of the booth sitting distracting or distasteful, have no idea how to explain why we find this awkward or troublesome. We just do. Do I really care that much where you all sit? No. I think most would just agree that PDA in general can be awkward in certain venues i.e. restaurants where you are supposed to be eating.
  • “We are a very physical couple and like to touch one another constantly.” That’s fine, but again, why can’t you touch one another elsewhere? I suppose if you don’t think PDA is obnoxious or simply don’t care if it is obnoxious to anyone, then more power to you.
  • We didn’t really ever think about it, we just started sitting on the same side naturally and have been ever since.” I find this intriguing. If you didn’t learn it was “customary” to sit opposite from your dining partner, I want to know where you went out to eat as a child and if your parents were same-side-booth-sitters? If it was just something you started doing on a whim with your partner though, this is at least more understandable to me than making a concerted effort to be as close as possible to your partner at all times. If you don’t find it awkward, then why shouldn’t you just sit where you want?
It definitely takes all types to make the world go ’round as they say. So I welcome feedback from same-side-booth-sitters and hope I have not offended any of you- I’m not sure if I would really label this a “pet-peeve” of mine, but I know it is for others and I have to admit it is always something that has puzzled me in restaurants.