Sag Harbor Dining and Long Island Wineries

This past weekend I traveled to Sag Harbor, New York to celebrate the birthday of one of my besties. Sag Harbor is a little town in Suffolk County, New York (part of Long Island) located right outside of the Hamptons. The harbor is relatively small, but has some amazing boats to look at and both Billy Joel and Jimmy Buffet are known for frequenting the harbor with their yachts. We even had a Martha Stewart sighting on our trip haha.

I had never been to the Long Island area of New York so I didn’t really know what to expect. Luckily, our tour guide had a full day planned for us, beginning with a tour of the many vineyards located on Long Island. We took two short ferry trips from Sag Harbor to where all the vineyards were located. I had no idea Long Island sported its own little wine country! We visited Pindar vineyards which had a tasting room unlike any I had ever seen – it was jam packed and almost resembled a bar! We saw about 10 bachelorette parties in a 30-minute time period. It was awesome. In terms of wine, I’ve had better, but we did pay extra to taste their 2007 Mythology Meritage winner of numerous accolades: ‘Class in a glass, the best red wine from L.I.’ – (N.Y. Times 12/97). ‘One of the TOP 50 wines of the world’ – (Bon Appetit Magazine 1/97). ‘The best red wine from Bordeaux to California’ – (Grapezine Magazine) and it did not disappoint. We then ventured on to Duck Walk Vineyards which had a great selection of wines (tasty whites), a gorgeous tasty room and outdoor seating area with live music. A great way to spend the day. This one was also less crowded and the staff was a lot more engaging. Great first experience of the Long Island wineries!

We then tried to have lunch at a place called Claudio’s which unfortunately was closed due to a private party. It’s apparently an awesome time with live music and people get very rowdy. The restaurant is located right on the wharf where the ferry comes in and has a clam bar and raw oysters. We went instead to Crabby Jerry’s which is also right on the water and shares the same owners, but doesn’t have the live music and its menu features more fried food/appetizers.

After all of that it was dinner time! The restaurant we opted for via a Google search and due to a lack of reservations, used to be a famous place on Sag Harbor called  Spinnakers. Then it was bought out and turned into an apparently terrible place called Blue Sky, and now it is called Page Restaurant and has been getting decent traffic since it opened this past winter/spring.  It can be found at 63 Main Street and is a  fine-dining restaurant a little on the pricey side.

To kick things off we ordered two half-dozen oysters on the half shell and these Asian Steamed Buns with pickled cucumber, green curry and pork belly which were incredible!

During our appetizer course we learned from the waiter that there was apparent strife between the kitchen staff and the waiting staff and it was his last night working there. So I am not sure if this place will last very long, but everything we had was very good. Not amazing, although I was in love with my meal, but very good.

I opted for the spaghetti which featured braised short rib and a decent sauce.

More dishes from our party: (Hanger steak, lamb, wasabi-crusted swordfish, tenderloin)

Everyone in our group enjoyed their meals, although the service could have been improved upon. I would love to give the restaurant Il Cappuchino and the American Hotel a try if I ever come back because those are both very highly rated.

To end our night we wound up at Murf’s, a great hole-in-the-wall jukebox bar with a solid beer selection.

Our parting meal at Sag Harbor was a scrumptious breakfast sandwich- sausage, egg and cheese at the Bagel Buoy.

Thanks to bestie’s bf for a weekend I’ll never forget- I hope I find my way back here soon!