I’m Back! Sort of…..and A Taste of Atlanta

So I have probably been losing credibility every day for this hiatus that I’ve been taking from my blog, but I am actually in my final semester of grad school and it’s taking over my life and I had a computer crashing incident. I will eventually blog about my Capstone project for Georgetown because it does involve a PR firm that specializes in restaurants and the hospitality industry. I promise I will be back now and again in November and definitely on the regular by the holidays!

Recently, I paid a visit to my friend who lives in Atlanta and I got to sample some of the fine southern cuisine. Friday, we just grabbed a quick bite at a pizza place near her apartment in the edge of the Highlands in Inman Park. Fritti offers authentic Neopolitan pizza and is delicious. We ordered carryout, but the place was packed and had a great outdoor area which is perfect for those gorgeous, 72-degree fall nights in Atlanta.

The next morning we went to support a fundraiser the Atlanta Ballet was hosting at 5 Seasons Brewery in Westside. The ambiance was awesome- they have a great rooftop overlooking downtown. I also really enjoyed their beer- I went with a Belgian Wit. The food was pretty decent- we ordered the crab stuffed dumplings (wasn’t that much crab though) and the burger I ordered with avocado and bleu cheese was a bit overcooked. Apparently two servers backed out of their shifts that day, so I can’t say a whole lot of positive things about the service, but our server at least apologized about it being slow and her forgetting some orders.

Saturday night I was totally spoiled and went to Jazzoo Atlanta! This event is AWESOME and one of the most well-done events I’ve ever been to- I would love it if DC did something like this. Attire is cocktail or anything crazy having to do with animals. There are more than 20 open bars with liquor, beer, and wine. There were a ton of liquor promoters at the event that had shots lined up for people to grab as they please- I actually tried a s’mores flavored vodka and chased with a graham cracker. In addition to the open bars, they had food from more than 30 Atlanta restaurants. Here is the full list. I really enjoyed the soup from Stone Soup Kitchen, the hush puppies and shrimp and grits from Six Feet Under, Tim Lizzie’s Taqueria, and Boner’s BBQ. Everything was very spread out throughout the zoo so you never felt overly crowded which is a constant problem for me at events in DC it seems. The lines did get long, but none of them were too crazy. The event culminated inside this huge tent which had cirque de soleil type dancers and the band Yacht Rock performing and a ton of bars and food stations (several of which had no lines).

The next morning we went to a brunch place that I had been to before when I last visited my friend- Rosebud located in the heart of the Highlands. I remembered absolutely loving it and I checked on Yelp and it had pretty high reviews also.

They have amazing Bloody Marys and we started off with some biscuits and gravy.

Rosebud biscuits and gravy starter

I opted for the Nasty Royale- a baguette with ham, brie, truffled scrambled eggs and truffled honey mustard. Wonder why I could only eat one half?

Rosebud Nasty Royale Sandwich

My friend and her boyfriend ordered the ceasar salad and the “cheesesteak” omelet

Ceasar Salad


Cheesesteak omelet

Side note: These amazing pictures were taken using an iphone 4S belonging to my friend’s bf. I WANT ONE SO BADLY.

Rosebud was everything I remembered and more. The ambiance is adorable- as are the Highlands of Atlanta so great location, and the service was decent. If you’re visiting, definitely hit this little spot up! Another great tidbit about this place is most of the food comes from local farms or bakeries and shops.

Sad I’m missing the Taste of Atlanta this weekend- I love this city!! Thanks to my friend and her boyfriend for an awesome visit!

Hopefully I will be back soon!