Savored: New Discount Service for Top-Rated Restaurants

Savored has recently blown up in the foodie world. In the most basic sense, it’s a discount service for pricey restaurants. Formerly, VillageVines, Savored has re-branded under a new partnership with Zagat to offer 30% off all food and drink when you pay $10 to make a reservation through them. There are no coupons, or fine print, just 30% when you make a reservation through them. Best part, if for whatever reason your 30% savings does not equate to more than $10, they will refund you the $10, no questions asked. However, considering most of the restaurants selected are in the $$$ range, I don’t think reaching $10 in savings will be very hard.

Savored partners with these restaurants and helps them fill their tables (that’s how the restaurant makes money through this). They’ve expanded to the following cities: New York, Chicago, Washington, DC (yay!), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver. What I like most about this concept, is you are guaranteed savings at a great restaurant. How many times have you seen a Groupon or Living Social for a restaurant you could care less about? Some of the other restaurants featured include Mala Tang, Co Co Sala, Zengo, Prime Rib, Acqua Al 2, Vidalia, and Panache.

I signed up about two or three weeks ago and received an email for a free reservation! I made one for next week at Zola, one of the pricier restaurants in this area. They’ve added several restaurants since I’ve signed up, so it will be interesting to see how many more opt-in to this service. I should note that you agree to not change the date/time or the number in your party, but I also found out that you can alter this 2 hours in advance of your reservation and still receive the savings, so I’m not sure why they bother stating that? I will let you know if I have any problems with this service, and how much my savings are next week!

And yes, I am officially DONE with my Master’s program so I will be updating this blog a lot more now – it’s good to be back!