Market Tavern Restaurant: Harry’s Taproom Gets a Makeover

I decided to try out the new Market Tavern restaurant in Clarendon this past Friday for some drinks and appetizers. The original co-founder of Harry’s Taproom decided to re-purchase the restaurant and start out under a new identity. Changes include a remodeled interior and enhancements to the drink menu which now features 26 beers on tap and 76 wines by the glass (helloooo winos).

The upstairs or “Chophouse” is a more formal dining area and reminiscent of the old Harry’s with a lot of steak options. Entrees are priced from $20-$36 range which is fairly “expensive” for the Arlington area, but standard for steaks of course.

We decided to just pop in for some drinks and appetizers, so we ate downstairs in the more casual “Tavern” area. The place was fairly crowded, so we had to sit in these low-to-the-ground plush stools and table which give the place a  “loungy” feel. They weren’t too uncomfortable though! The crowd was still the typical Harry’s crowd- slightly older and a lot more parents than you usually see in Clarendon. I am thinking as more twenty-somethings get wind of this place and its extensive drink menu the crowd will shift more toward the young professional side.

We had pretty decent service, although I think they only had one or two servers working the entire tavern area, so our server was pretty busy and it was hard to get his attention at times. The dirty gin martini I ordered was well-made, and we loved the extensive wine and beer list – there is something for everyone! For appetizers, we ordered the market mussels and they served it with this soft bread with a flaky crust to dip in the white wine and garlic sauce. We also selected the sliced NY strip appetizer which came with a Maytag blue cheese fodue and thin slices of grilled french bread – absolutely delicious and a great appetizer to fill up on.

Sliced NY Strip with Maytag blue cheese fondue

The rest of the tavern menu features salads and burgers- some within the $7 range for salads, the burgers a bit more expensive at $12-$19.

This is the perfect restaurant to meet friends for a happy hour (not sure what their specials are as of yet), or get your night started. So far, I am loving the makeover and new look of this place! I wouldn’t gloss over this one anymore when listing restaurants in Clarendon like people used to do with the old Harry’s; give it a try, you will be glad you did.