Christmas Dinner at J&G Steakhouse

This Christmas my mom sort of went on strike. Sorry mom, but you did. This year my sister and I (okay really just me) even helped her make our traditional Rachel Ray’s Christmas Pasta on Christmas Eve.  To help give her a break we even decided to change things up and dine out on Christmas day. We picked one of the restaurants in Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s culinary powerhouse – J&G Steakhouse located in the W Hotel known for POV lounge and the most fantastic rooftop in DC.

(***Aside- the hotel is discontinuing the rooftop brunch until the summer so the roof won’t be open until after 5pm. Most people think the rooftop is closed once winter hits, but nope it’s definitely still open with a ton of heat lamps! The only day it is closed is actually Christmas which was kind of a bummer since I wanted to show my parents the view.)

This restaurant’s name is slightly misleading: While it boasts all the standard cuts of meat, this place offers a lot more than your typical steakhouse. The atmosphere is also not as stuffy with a more contemporary feel and white and neutral colors and spacious booths. Some who favor the old style (think: Prime Rib, etc.) will find this disconcerting, but we loved the ambiance of the place and having other tasty options to choose from. My sister actually strayed from the red meat and opted for the organic chicken. I apologize for the blurriness!

Organic chicken and vegetables

The Christmas menu, priced at $75 featured a butternut squash soup to start with chanterelle mushrooms and real cuts of sqaush and a creamy almost potato-like base. It was delicious!

Butternut squash soup with chanterelle mushrooms

Then, of course, I strayed from the Christmas menu and had a taste of the east coast oysters. The cocktail sauce contained the perfect amount of horse radish and the oysters were fairly large and fresh! Not the best I’ve had in the area, but still yummy.

East Coast Oysters

My brother had the calamari with hot peppers. This was the best calamari I have had in a long time. Lightly breaded, almost tempura like and the actual squid was melt-in-your-mouth good- no toughness or chewy quality so often found in cheaper restaurants. A+ on this one.


Continuing on with the Christmas menu, our next course was the Ahi tuna with a rice tempura crust and a chile sauce with scallions. Great quality with the tuna, the crust was a little heavy for me though.

Ahi tuna with a tempura rice crust

My mother and sister also had a Caesar salad which proved to be the most unimpressive dish of the evening with a mediocre presentation and heavy on the anchovies (which I actually don’t mind, but a lot of people prefer just a taste).

The main course on the Christmas menu was a filet mignon with ginger soy sauce and asparagus (look at the size of those things!). Note: Concerning meat temperatures, this is a true steakhouse. If you ask for medium-rare, it will come with a cool, red center.

Filet mignon

For dessert, a green apple crisp (the crisp was to die for) with cinnamon ice cream completed this delicious meal.

J&G Steakhouse is definitely a place I will be visiting again. The service was great, food well-prepared with a few surprises, and the menu offers enough variety to entice people back. I decided not to do a Pros vs. Cons since this was my first time and a special occasion (Christmas!), but hopefully will be back here soon enough to give a full review.

Happy holidays everyone and Happy New Year!