Birch & Barley: All-Day Sunday Brunch

Quick post today- I’ve written about Birch & Barley before. It’s become one of my favorite places in the DC area to grab a bite. Trendy, but not too trendy, with a friendly staff and located in the Logan Circle area of DC which is becoming one of the more popular areas in the city, Birch & Barley boasts a menu of more than 500 beers and hearty, tasty, original cuisine to pair perfectly with these beverages.

On Sunday, I had no idea that their brunch lasted all day- perfect for breakfast lovers! The bf and I decided to take both of our parents there, so at first we were nervous that the brunch menu would limit our options, but they still had several dinner-type options to choose from. For example, the Brat Burger with beer braised sauerkraut and containing a mixture of beef, pork and veal with arugula and delicious fries. I opted again for the stuffed ricotta cavatelli pasta (it’s just SO good); this time the dish came with a mixture of mozarella and roasted chicken and a smoky tomato sauce. The buffalo chicken flatbread almost mirrors a hearty pizza rather than some of the lighter flatbreads I’ve seen at other restaurants.

The chef was nice enough to also whip us up a plate of their charcuterie when we requested. A yummy salami and sausage stood out among the rest of the spread and all were served with thin, toasted baguette slices.

Not one for sweets, I was surprised that one of the highlights of the meal for me were the fried donuts. A mixture of  Toffee-Bacon, Lemon-Poppy Glazed, and Bittersweet Chocolate.

Fried donuts: Toffee-Bacon, Lemon-Poppy Glazed, Bittersweet Chocolate

Like most things at Birch & Barley, the brunch menu does not disappoint. Parking, however, remains a bitch in the Logan Circle area. Metro or cab strongly suggested.

See you when I return from Costa Rica!