Fish. Restaurant in Sausalito

We had some family visiting us a couple weeks ago and decided to make a short trip up to Sausalito. For those east coasters still following my blog, Sausalito is this adorable town just over the Golden Gate bridge nestled right on the water with a ton of shops and restaurants and its own smaller harbor. When searching for a bite to eat via Yelp, we stumbled upon Fish. Fish. restaurant specializes in sustainable seafood, and it takes its dedication to this craft very seriously. From 2008-2010 Fish. even stopped serving salmon due to a shortage because only farmed options were available and they will only serve from trusted sustainable sources, or not at all.

The restaurant is located right along the harbor with big windows and plenty of outdoor seating on nice days. It’s very casual with wooden booths and tables and drinks served in Mason jars. You order up at the counter and they bring your food to you. The menu is full of quintessential laidback seafood dishes- oysters, clam dip, chowder, crab  rolls, po’ boys, fish tacos and a few specialties like the Tuscan white bean fava salad or pasta con vongole.

I opted for a cup of their award-winning white chowder:

The Fish. White Chowder: Traditional New England white chowder swimming with hand-shucked surf clams, bacon, potatoes, onion, celery and a special blend of dried herbs

It was everything the description promised and more. I was surprised that the texture was actually not as heavy as other chowders I’ve had, it could almost be called “light” at least in chowder world, but without losing any of that amazing chowder flavor.

We also had the taco plate which were pretty standard in my opinion. Nothing of note and they were actually a little sloppily prepared and very heavy on the cilantro.

The only other issue was the line, (kind of to be expected though at really good places in this area I’ve quickly learned) and the overall ordering process at Fish. seems to need some work. We were only 4-5 people back and it took over 20 minutes to order the food.

Other than those issues, the atmosphere and fresh quality of the seafood, makes a trip to Fish. worth the wait.

Recommended for: Day trips to Sausalito, casual meals, groups, outdoor eating, views of the bay, day drinking (pitchers available)

Pros: Fresh quality of food, ambiance, view, beer selection, CHOWDA!, ample parking

Cons: Long line, slow ordering process