Out the Door at the Ferry Building

Passion Fruit Ginger Ale

Ah, the Ferry Building. Touristy? Yes. Fantastical world of cuisine and farmers markets and crafty little tidbits? Also, yes. I don’t care if this makes me “not a local” yet. I’m obsessed with this place.

Out the Door is just one of the amazing vendors found here. Specializing in Vietnamese cuisine (I saw a few nods to Hong Kong however), it’s an off-shoot of the famous Slanted Door restaurant and has some of that eatery’s most celebrated dishes, (i.e., Spring Rolls). Obviously catering to the “to-go” orders, Out the Door’s menu also sports a variety of soups, sandwiches, and other small plates, such as the steamed buns or vegetarian dumplings with mung bean, scallions and a spicy dipping sauce.

Vegetable Dumplings

The five-spice chicken sandwich was topped with cilantro, cucumber and shredded carrots = amazing flavor all in one yummy sandwich!

Five-spice chicken sandwich

Great on-the-go spot for when you’re hitting the Ferry Building with whatever family or friends you have visiting in town or need a break from shopping. If you work close, good choice for lunch, too. Out the Door’s Vietnamese cuisine is dressed-down, yet modern and full of flavor. Big YUM on this one!