The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in SoMa

When in the mood for comfort food, there are few things more satisfying than a good old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich; and the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in SoMa has mastered the art of making a grilled cheese.

Their menu sports gourmet versions of this American favorite: Most of their sandwiches are served on fresh bread and feature a variety of cheeses. The Mousetrap is prepared with Tillamook sharp cheddar, creamy havarti, monterey jack and served on artisan sourdough. You can add bacon, turkey or ham for protein and tomatoes, pickles and jalapenos round out other toppings.

After a raucous night out, this is one of my favorite day-after hangover spots. I’ve tried the Mac ‘n Cheese sandwich which actually has macaroni and cheese baked right into the sandwich. One word: unbelievable.

This past visit I opted for the Foghorn Leghorn which comes with havarti (one of my favorite cheeses!), Point Reyes blue cheese, arugula, roasted chicken and is served on whole wheat. YUM.

Foghorn Leghorn grilled cheese

havarti, Point Reyes blue cheese, arugula, roasted chicken and is served on whole wheat

The fiance went with the Club Turkey:

Tillamook sharp cheddar, creamy havarti, Willie Bird smoked turkey, applewood-smoked bacon, Sierra Nevada stout mustard, roasted tomatos, arugula. If I come back, I think I would select this one again.

The place is literally a kitchen- it’s small and crowded and gets super hot on nice days, but they have plenty of outdoor seating for when those days come. They serve beer and wine and fresh creative sodas, such as watermelon, lime and mint! Other menu items include tasty salads and they are open for breakfast– basically egg and cheese sammys which I need to try! You order at the counter and sit to be served your food, and, I will say, it’s a little on the slow side. They messed up our order this past time too, but our server made up for it by giving us a free bowl of their smoky tomato soup:

And I do recognize, there’s only so much volume a place can handle before wait times increase. The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is  never not packed. They’ve received a ton of positive reviews since opening two years ago. You eat there once and you can’t wait to go back and have another mouthwatering cheesy bite of deliciousness. It’s well worth the wait, and they’ve turned the ordinary grilled cheese into something extraordinary.

Pros: Hands down one of the best grilled cheeses you will eat in your lifetime; dining al fresco!; people watching; yummy drinks; so so satisfying; just overall, YUM.

Cons: Crowded, there is usually a line to the counter followed by a wait for your food, little bit off the beaten path (not for those living or working in SoMa though)

Recommended for: Hangover food, baseball games (not far from the ball park), casual bites with friends, gluten-free eating (they serve all there sandwiches on gluten-free bread!), days when you feel like eating until you have to unbutton your pants.