SF Russian Hill Coffee

A moca from The Brew on Polk St

A moca from The Brew on Polk St

Ah, coffee. I really fell in love with it when I moved out here and started tasting coffee good enough to drink black. People LOVE their coffee shops out here, especially local, non-chain joints. You have SO many options out here, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do justice to the amazing shops available here, so this post is mostly going to focus on my neighborhood options in Russian Hill and some of the other well-known places in the city. I never knew that coffee could be SO good!

The Brew

I’m partial to this one because it’s my neighborhood stop! It’s a few blocks from where I live and super laid back/unpretentious. They have old chairs and tables, free WiFi, board games, books and delicious coffee and expresso! They carry Contraband coffee — pour-over style and also have amazing teas and pastries available from the Executive Chef at the Slanted Door.

Blue Bottle 

O.M.G. This place is famous- even tourists know about Blue Bottle and the lines in any of their shops in the city are literally out the door. We’ve waited 45 minutes before for this delicious coffee and have carried back packets for our parents and families- they’ve all confirmed, it’s some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste in your life! The shop started in the East Bay in Oakland and have recently expanded to New York and Los Angeles. When we first moved out here in 2012, they only had one other shop outside the Bay Area in Brooklyn, and it looks like they now have four or five! I have a feeling they’ll keep growing and maybe one day make it to DC so keep an eye out my DC friends!

Ritual Roasters

This is another really well-known coffee carrier/maker in the Bay Area. They have their own locations in the Mission, Hayes Valley, Napa, etc. and it’s really good stuff! BUT they also source to a couple of other local coffee shops in our neighborhood that are worth mentioning:

With its sterile and modern decor, intimidating and hard to pronounce selections (wtf am I ordering!?! was how we felt the first time) and lumbersexual/hipster baristas- we were a little intimidated by this place at first. That aside, it was some of the best damn coffee I’ve ever had!

This isn’t really JUST a coffee shop – they have all sorts of food items and beer/wine, but we absolutely LOVE the French press Ritual Roasters coffee that they serve. It’s so incredibly good that we actually find ourselves craving it on weekends- see what I did there? Ha!

Royal Ground Coffee

Another shop just down the street from us on Polk, Royal Ground Coffee produces their own blends and have shops all around the city. I’m embarrassed to say we have yet to try this place…and I think the reason may be it’s a little further down the street and we always stop at all the other places because we know they’re so good!

What I’ve loved about coffee in this city is that each neighborhood has just as many local shops and options! We still have countless places to try and yummy coffees to taste. Thrillist came out with a neighborhood coffee guide to all the best shops. Looks like we have even more exploring to do! What are some of your favorite coffee options and shops in SF?