Fish. Restaurant in Sausalito

We had some family visiting us a couple weeks ago and decided to make a short trip up to Sausalito. For those east coasters still following my blog, Sausalito is this adorable town… Continue reading

Trip to LA: Walking With Anthony event, Eveleigh, WeHo Bistro, BOA and more!

I flew to LA last weekend for a charity event…more on that later. This was my first time to LA. I actually had no idea what to expect, but I realized as I… Continue reading

Rosemary Braised Lamb Shanks

In the spirit of the Easter holiday, I decided to take my first stab at cooking lamb. Lamb is one of my favorite types of meat. Some people think it’s a bit “strong”… Continue reading

Jasper’s Corner Tap

After several recommendations for this trendy gastro-pub in the Tenderloin district, I decided to try out Jasper’s Corner Tap. I have to confess, I had my doubts; it’s in a pretty touristy area and… Continue reading

Mahi-mahi with Roasted Tomatoes and Lemon Pesto

Yet again, I was searching for a quick and easy recipe for a mid-week meal and I happened upon a popular one on the good ‘ole interwebs for tilapia with a lemon pesto… Continue reading

James Beard Nominations Are In!

It’s that time again, the James Beard award nominations are here! Yesterday, the foundation tweeted a convenient full list of all the nominees. Not surprisingly, many San Francisco restaurants and chefs were recognized in… Continue reading

First Look at Bay Area Dining Scene, Plus Umami Burger, Cafe Castagna and More!

In one word: YUM. That pretty much sums it all up right there for what San Francisco and the East Bay/Northern California area has to offer in the way of food. You definitely… Continue reading

A DC Foodie Relocates to San Francisco

I try to avoid writing about anything personal on this blog because I’m a little wary about sharing private things on the interwebs, but this post is going to stray from that format… Continue reading

Costa Rican Cuisine

I recently took a vacation to Costa Rica for nine days. Amazing does not even begin to describe the trip and the wonderful, diverse sights I was able to see while visiting this… Continue reading

Birch & Barley: All-Day Sunday Brunch

Quick post today- I’ve written about Birch & Barley before. It’s become one of my favorite places in the DC area to grab a bite. Trendy, but not too trendy, with a friendly… Continue reading

Restaurant Week is Here!! Plus Two Easy Recipes

Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s already here again. I know it’s hard to believe, but I am actually NOT participating in Restaurant Week this time around. I did find this set of… Continue reading

Christmas Dinner at J&G Steakhouse

This Christmas my mom sort of went on strike. Sorry mom, but you did. This year my sister and I (okay really just me) even helped her make our traditional Rachel Ray’s Christmas… Continue reading

Where to Eat Sushi in the DC Metro Area

DC is not especially known for its sushi, but the selection of restaurants available today is much improved from even a couple of years ago. Some notable places are Makoto Restaurant off MacArthur… Continue reading

Pinterest: My (and soon to be your) New Obsession

Okay, so most of you social media savvy people have probably heard of this Pinterest by now. For those of you who may be a bit behind on the trendy technological front, this blog… Continue reading

Market Tavern Restaurant: Harry’s Taproom Gets a Makeover

I decided to try out the new Market Tavern restaurant in Clarendon this past Friday for some drinks and appetizers. The original co-founder of Harry’s Taproom decided to re-purchase the restaurant and start out… Continue reading