Happy Valentines Day!

Today is the day that almost every male I know dreads. Valentines Day– the commercial holiday to celebrate love and most importantly- the occasion to make your loved one feel special. Also known… Continue reading

Friday Food Faves: Fast Fish Tacos from Williams Sonoma

This is an easy recipe that I absolutely love. I am a huge fan of Mexican food and fish tacos happen to be my boyfriend’s favorite dish. Thank goodness too, because they are such… Continue reading

Boulevard Woodgrill Brunch

The Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington is one of my favorite places to eat in the metro area– mostly because of the amazing value of its well-priced menu. I’ve dined there for lunch and… Continue reading

Power Foods Cookbook

This past weekend I picked up a copy of the Power Foods cookbook from the editors of Whole Living magazine. The book contains an overview of what food consists of “power food”, as… Continue reading

Birch and Barley: Fantastic Brews and Flavors

Apologies for the lack of posts as of late- personal things keep getting in the way of my blogging career :-).  Here’s a post I started two weeks before the craziness happened: Last… Continue reading

Top Chef All Stars Episode 6 Recap: “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”

Last night’s episode had the chefs boating out around Montauk area of Long Island to catch their own fish in place of their normal Quickfire challenge. They were warned that they would have… Continue reading

Top Chef All-Stars

Another quickie post (still in the middle of finding roommates for my place)- hopefully to be followed up tonight or tomorrow by my actual reaction to the show. Next week should be full… Continue reading

“New Year, New You”- A Word about Detox Diets

First of all, apologies for the infrequent posting- I’m in the process of figuring out my living situation for next year, but I promise to be more on the ball in the coming… Continue reading

Friday Food Faves: Pancakes from Scratch

I’m going to start featuring a new column every Friday entitled “Friday Food Faves”. It’ll feature favorite recipes, restaurants or just foods in general :-).  Feel free to comment or post your favorite foods too!… Continue reading

JoJo Restaurant in New York City

As promised, here’s the update about one of my food adventures from my trip over New Year’s to Vermont and NYC. In Killington, VT we ended up cooking-in both nights as there are… Continue reading

Fireworks Pizza

Talk about probably one of the most perfect places to grab a casual dinner for a first date or drinks and appetizers with friends, Fireworks Pizza in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington is… Continue reading

Epic Meal Time YouTube Channel

I’m about to head on a road trip to Killington, Vermont and New York City for next couple of days so I thought I would leave you all with something entertaining in my… Continue reading

Christmas Pasta and Holiday Appetizers

I come from a family of food lovers.  My immediate family and my mom’s family (think Irish, large and LOUD) usually get together every Christmas Eve for an evening of celebration and–one of… Continue reading

Washingtonian Reader Restaurant Survey Winners

Quick post today- but they just released the 33rd Washingtonian Reader Restaurant Survey Winners! I am happy to say that my taste is very similar to many of  my fellow Washingtonian readers in several… Continue reading

Grant Achatz: Culinary Genius

I recently read an article in Time magazine which profiled Chef Grant Achatz and I immediately became absolutely fascinated by this man’s story. First of all, Achatz in 2009 was diagnosed with severe… Continue reading